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Göğüs Kalp Damar Anestezi ve Yoğun Bakım Derneği Dergisi [GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg]
GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg. 2023; 29(1): 51-56 | DOI: 10.14744/GKDAD.2023.57855

Comparing Total Parenteral Nutrition with Other Methods in Treating Chylotorax

Mehmet Kadir Bartın
Department of Surgery, Health Sciences University, Van Training and Research Hospital, Van, Türkiye

Objectives: This study aimed to examine the role of total parenteral nutrition in the treatment of chilotorax.
Methods: A total of 1149 patients who were operated for esophagus cancer were screened between 2010 and 2021. Of these patients, 49 were identified with chilorotax. Patients were divided into three groups. Some of these were treated surgically (first group) and through conventional approaches such as plorodesis, and somatostatin (second group). The only method of treatment used for the remaining patients was total parenteral feeding (third group). These three groups were statistically compared using clinical data to demonstrate that total parenteral nutrition is as effective as other treatments for chilotorax.
Results: A total of 1144 patients who received surgical treatment for esophageal cancer were analyzed. Chilotorax was used to diagnose 49 of these patients. Fewer deaths and complications occurred in the third group who were treated with just total parenteral nutrition. When the groups were compared using post hoc multiple comparison tests, based on the length of stay in the hospital after diagnosis and treatment initiation, it was discovered that; the average length of stay in the hospital in group 3 was less than the other two groups.
Conclusion: The use of total parenteral nutrition alone or in conjunction with surgical and another interventional processes in the treatment of chylothorax importantly reduces the risk of difficulties as well as the death rate. In all patients with chylothorax, parenteral nutrition should be included to the treatment protocol.

Keywords: Chylotoraks, esophagus cancer, parenteral nutrition

Mehmet Kadir Bartın. Comparing Total Parenteral Nutrition with Other Methods in Treating Chylotorax. GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg. 2023; 29(1): 51-56

Sorumlu Yazar: Mehmet Kadir Bartın, Türkiye
Makale Dili: İngilizce
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