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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism (cheating) is a violation of ethics, regardless of whether it is intentional or not. It is a crime and an unacceptable code of conduct as it is unethical to submit, and publish manuscripts imitating other sources, without citing references,. For this reason, due to publication policies Kare Publishing, for all studies to be published in all of its periodicals, necessitates use of a plagiarism checker.

All studies submitted to our periodicals and passed the evaluation of the reviewers blinded to the studies, are evaluated by us using Turnitin or iThenticate software programs.

In our study, our criterion is not a percentage of matching. An auditng is carried out by a specialized team excluding percentages of matching but considering the parameters, such as identification of matching paragraphs, whether or not citations and references are properly written in accordance with the writing rules of the journal, the places of the matching sentences/paragraphs in the article, and the sources with which they are matched. The prepared plagiarism report is sent to the relevant editor of the study. In consideration of the report, the editorial board may request from the author correction of the errors in the manuscript and sent it again or accept or reject it. The acceptance of the study is on the initiative of the editor

The Editorial Board may act in accordance with the COPE rules against allegations, and suspicions related to plagiarism, citation manipulation and fraudulent misrepresentation of the works submitted to the journal.

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