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Conflict on Interest

Conditions which provide financial or personal benefit bring about a conflict of interest. The reliability of the scientific process and the published articles is directly related to the objective consideration of conflicts of interest during the planning, implementation, writing, evaluation, editing and publication of scientific studies.

Financial relations are the most easily identified conflicts of interest and it is inevitable that they will undermine the credibility of the journal, the authors and the science. These conflicts can be caused by individual relations, academic competition or intellectual approaches. The authors should refrain as much as possible from making agreements with sponsors in the opinion of gaining profit or any other advantage that restrict their ability to access to all data of the study or analyze, interpret, prepare, and publish their articles In order to prevent conflicts of interest, editors should refrain from bringing together those who may have any relationship between them during the evaluation of the studies. The editors, who make the final decision about the articles, should not have any personal, professional or financial ties with any of the issues they are going to decide. Authors should inform the editorial board concerning potential conflicts of interest to ensure that their articles will be evaluated within the framework of ethical principles through an independent assessment process.

Our publication team works devotedly to ensure that the evaluation process is conducted in an impartial manner, taking all these situations into consideration.

You can review the conflict of interest form and the related link to get more detailed information and to declare an conflict of interest.

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