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Journal of Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Society - GKD Anest Yoğ Bak Dern Derg: 26 (3)
Volume: 26  Issue: 3 - 2020

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2.Editorial Consultants

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4.Publication Policies and Writing Guide

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5.Neuroprotective Effects of Levosimendan on the NB2a Mouse Neuroblastoma Cell Culture
Tülün Öztürk, Kamil Vural, Işıl Aydemi&775;r, Mehmet İbrahim Tuğlu
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.07078  Pages 115 - 122 (767 accesses)

6.Comparison of Intubated Versus Non-Intubated Techniques in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy
Ufuk Turan, Serkan Şenkal
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.68736  Pages 123 - 132 (745 accesses)

7.Comparison of Ciaglia and Griggs Percutaneous Dilatation Tracheostomy Methods: Which one is more effective and safe?
Şerife Bektaş, Mine Altınkaya Çavuş, İbrahim Mungan, Sema Turan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.91819  Pages 133 - 138 (669 accesses)

8.Our Anesthetic Managements in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI): A Retrospective Study
Rukiye Doğan Çakıer, Funda Gümüş Özcan, Serdar Demirgan, Ertuğrul Okuyan, Aysın Selcan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.93824  Pages 139 - 146 (884 accesses)

9.Lower Respiratory Tract and Urinary System Colonization in Patients with Cardiovascular Surgery
Nurşen Tanrıkulu, Ali Haspolat, Ali Şefik Köprülü, Ergun Demirsoy
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.90277  Pages 147 - 156 (696 accesses)

10.Organ Dysfunction and Mortality Relationship in Patients with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Nihal Sirakaya Erese, Nurgul Yurtseven, Emine Hekim Yılmaz, Okan Yurdakök, Suna Yaka
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.84756  Pages 157 - 164 (718 accesses)

11.Impact of High Body Mass Index on Morbidity and Mortality ın Cardiac Surgery Cardiac Surgery and Obesity
Funda Gümüş Özcan, Serdar Demirgan, Taner Abdullah, Aysın Selcan
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.40316  Pages 165 - 171 (750 accesses)

12.Investigation of the effects of melatonin premedication on intraoperative and postoperative hemodynamic parameters, peripheral oxygen saturation, postoperative anxiety and cognitive functions in patients undergoing epidural anesthesia; Letter to edit
Melis Tosun, Fevzi Toraman
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.33600  Pages 172 - 175 (560 accesses)
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13.Letter To Editor
Merve Şeker, Fevzi Toraman
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.81904  Pages 176 - 177 (554 accesses)
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14.Letter to the Editor
Emir Kılınç, Bülent Güçyetmez, Fevzi Toraman
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.33255  Pages 178 - 182 (643 accesses)
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15.Two Cases with Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava with Absence of Right Superior Vena Cava
Umut Kocabaş
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.60134  Pages 181 - 185 (779 accesses)

16.Our anesthesia management in patient with combined coronary and carotis surgery
Dilek Çetinkaya, İlker Uğurlu
doi: 10.5222/GKDAD.2020.45822  Pages 186 - 188 (602 accesses)

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